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Wine reviewer and London journalist Angie Walker, presents regular articles and podcasts for the wine lover looking for more taste experiences.
ĎDrinking wine and talking are two of the best things I like to do in life so what could be better than talking about wines? I love to taste everything thatís on offer out there and compare the greats. Dip into my podcasts and you can join me on my quest for the best. Wines are like people, like conversations and like the weather in their nuances, quirks and unpredictability.

I speak in the vernacular, try to be honest about my thoughts on the wines Iíve tried recently and always have fun doing it. I donít get paid by any company to do these honest reviews, itís a dirty job but someone has to do it. From a Syrah to a Grenache, from a Merlot to a Shiraz Ė all the grapes in all their guises have their own merits and I endeavour to unearth from that gravelly, granite or pebbly soil the ones that give up the flavours we most desire.í  Angie Walker



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  Hear the real honest verdict on new wines you've maybe never tried before.

Angie's been an independent wine writer and broadcaster since 1985 and enjoys bringing the latest wines to people's attention from all over the world.

Angie guests on programmes talking about the new additions to the world of wine. Hear her regular Podcasts and broadcast appearances.  Angie's latest Radio & TV appearances are with London's Best Smooth Jazz channel & SKY TV. Also on the syndicated show as heard on FM stations around the world.